How to Modify a standard “Garden trowel” for heavy clay soils.

The red handle trowel pictured below was your bog standard garden trowel. Its been laying around my plot for the last 3 years unused and unloved. Every time I saw it i’d think “Your a fantastic looking tool, stainless and made by Spear & Jackson but why aren’t you a more useful shape for my heavy clay soil ?”

So finally I took it home and introduced it to my friends “Mr Grinder & Mr Hammer”. 

Its been de-beaked (grinder) and flattened across the central section (hammer) and the snub nose and left-hand side edge sharpened (grinder). If you are left handed you need to sharpen the Right-hand side edge. So Voila ! 

“Its Alive! the Snubbed nosed Trowel mk1 

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