What can we do with an “old metal washer” that you find in the street ?

Using a 15″ inch piece of shock chord string and an old metal washer, were going to #make a ‘Rapid bean attachment point‘.

Your going to learn 2 knots today, a “Cow hitch” and then a “Surgeon’s knot“, don’t say “I don’t learn u nothing” 😀  💡

Fold string in half but slightly longer by an inch on one side. Pass the loop through the centre of the washer then pull the tail end up through this loop and pull tight. This is your basic Cow hitch knot. Finally tie a surgeons knot in the two loose bits of shock cord. Its a bit like a Reef knot but with an extra twist on one side of the loop. Remembering to use the longer bit  as the leading line on the knot so when you pull the knot tight they will roughly be equal, just looks neater. 

What’s the point of this elasticated washer dongle then ?

Often the horizontal bar of your bean frame / support can be upto 2m in the air. This can be a real struggle to tie a string off this horizontal spar without collapsing into your fragile frame and ending in a crumbled mess of legs and bamboo canes. You can either attach these washer dongles equally spaced onto the horizontal cane before erecting your bean support. Or they are easily and quickly attached once the support is built.

What’s clever about this metal washer dongle is that it makes attachment and detachment quick and easy but also it keeps your bean string taught as your line is always under a slight tension.

Another idea is to use a 15″ section of coat hanger type wire with a hook on one end and a loop on the other a long piece of string is attached to the loop. Were going to hook our metal washer that is 2m in the air with this bit of coat hanger. The attached bit of string is then tied off on one of our cheaper (£2.99 for 20) universally used 3′ ft cane / stakes. All the parts are then re-usable for next year.

Or you could just tie a bit of string off the top spar… 😯  😉

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